Crystal Structure:Yüzey merkezli kübik
Oxidation Level:(3+) (amfoter oksit)
Electronegativity:1,61 Pauling ölçeği
Ionization Energy:577,5 kJ/mol
Atomic radius:143 pm
Atomic Radius (calc.):118 pm
Covalent radius:118 pm
Elektrik Direnci:26,50 nΩ•m (20°C'de)
Isıl İletkenlik:237 W/(m•K)
Isıl Genleşme:23,1 µm/(m•K) (25°C'de)
Ses Hızı:5000 m/s (20 °C'de)
Mohs Sertliği:2,75
Vickers Sertliği:167 MPa
Brinell Sertliği:245 MPa
Mechanical, physical and chemical properties of aluminum alloys vary depending on the alloying elements and microstructure. The most important alloying elements for aluminum are copper, manganese, silicon, magnesium and zinc.

Aluminum alloys are divided into two groups as forging and casting alloys. Plastic deformation capability of forging alloys is very good and can easily be shaped. Heat treatment can be applied to a large portion of the casting and forging aluminum alloys.

According to the American Aluminum Association, aluminum forging alloys are classified with four letters. This classification is as follows:

1XXX: Pure aluminum. Often used in the electrical and chemical industries.

2XXX Al-Cu alloys. Main alloying element is copper. Other alloying elements may also be present, including particularly magnesium; it is used widely in aerospace industry where high strength is required.

3XXX Al-Mn alloys.
 Main alloying element is manganese. It is used in pipes, tanks and architectural applications.

4XXX Al-Si alloys: Main alloying element is silicon. These alloys have low thermal expansion coefficient and high wear resistance and corrosion resistance. They are used in the production of auto parts, welded structures and plate production.

5xxx Al-Mg alloys: Main alloying element is magnesium. As magnesium ratio increases hardness and strength increase too but the ductility decreases. Because of their high resistance to marine corrosion, they are s used in the manufacture of the structures operated in this environment.

6XXX Al-Mg-Si alloys: Main alloying elements are magnesium and silicon. Shaping property of these alloys is high and often used in the manufacture of the parts produced by extrusion.

7XXX Al-Zn alloys: the main alloying element is copper and magnesium, chromium and zirconium are additional alloying elements. 7XXX series is the one with the highest strength among aluminum alloys. It is used in aircraft parts production and other applications where high strength is required.

8XXX Al-Li alloys: the main alloying element is lithium and tin can also be added. In particular, this material is used in aircraft and space structures and it has good fatigue resistance and good toughness properties. However, compared to other Al alloys it has high production costs.


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