Trend Colors in Furniture 20 . 06 . 2022
Trend Colors in Furniture In 2022, colors are becoming the mirror of new styles and new trends. Soft and peaceful color tones emerge in various spaces. These colors, which are mostly inspired by natural elements such as desert or forest, will be in the foreground this year by blending sage green, asparagus green, tea green, pastel green with yellow and gray tones. Make room in your home for blues that contrast perfectly with green, white and wood. The darkest shade of blue and black will continue to be fashionable this summer, which blends perfectly with light woods and golden handles. Soft yellow tones are ideal for bedrooms, nurseries and kitchens, and will neutralize other vibrant colors when contrasted with white and light blue paints. The 2022 trend will reduce the ostentatious effect and highlight colors reminiscent of sand, desert and exotic countries. For those who love ethnic style, ocher will achieve its maximum visual expression when compared to dark gray for a simpler effect. In furniture, with glass that harmonizes with handles of bronze, copper, yellow and black, you can change the mood of your home and use natural tones, which is one of the hottest trends. You can gift yourself relaxation and good rest with it.
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